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BugRush is a fun and cute game. You play the ladybug who is running across the screen and trying to avoid the obstacles in it's way.

You swipe left/right to move sideways and up/down to fly!

The longer you stay alive by not hitting any mushrooms or flowers the more points you get, so download the game below and start challenging your friends!



Pass through the lines with the same color as the ball to get points, touch another color and it's game over! Be careful with the powerups that come flying, they are not all good, and the longer you stay on one side the more there are going to come!

Tap the screen to jump, it's that easy!


Send a picture taken with your phone to your friends, and let them guess where it is taken!

They get to place a pin on a world map and the closer they get, the more points they get!

The NN and the MO

Nils Nordin

iOS/Android developer

Markus Olsson

Web developer